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Kid Snippets - Volume 2 DVD


Image of Kid Snippets - Volume 2 DVD

The "Kid Snippets - Volume 2 DVD" has the second 30 Kid Snippets videos released by Bored Shorts TV, as well as some fun extras including behind-the-scenes videos and Kid History videos.

(Note: Some of the bonus extra features on this disc do not work)

Includes the following Kid Snippets: Inmates, Marine Biology, Wedding Jitters, Star Wars - The Rescue, Rope Swing, Time Machine, Cooking Show, Science Experiment, Chores, Job Interview, Police Patrol, Mother's Day, American Idol, Hunting, Art Class, My Teacher is an Alien, Self Defense, Library, Beauty Pageant, Rock Paper Scissors, Presidential Debate, Sick Baby, Swimming Lessons, Marriage Counseling, Bullies, Runners, Fireman, Minute to Win it, Back to School, Ninja Warrior.