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Kid Snippets - Volume 3 DVD


Image of Kid Snippets - Volume 3 DVD

The "Kid Snippets - Volume 3 DVD" has the third 30 Kid Snippets videos released by Bored Shorts TV, as well as some fun extras including behind-the-scenes videos and Kid History videos.

Includes the following Kid Snippets: Minecraft, Stranger Danger, American History, Bedtime, Pest Control, Repair Man, Shopping for Clothes, Slushies, Car Lot, Mall Santa, Josh Groban Backstage, Gift Exchange, Pet Dinosaur, Antiques Roadshow, Standup Comedy, Book Report, Wood Shop Safety, Zombies, Crush, Sick of School, Food Allergies, Weight Loss Infomercial, Band Practice, Driving to Grandma's, Josh Groban Pizza, Ultimate Workout, Surgery, Pep Talk, School Dance, Movie Talkers.